DIABESITY: Diabetes and Obesity in Renal Disease


    November 1, 2014


    1. 08:30Introduction:Why DIABESITYEsteban Porrini
    2. 08:45Lecture:Paradigmatic Medical Concepts in Diabetic NephropathyCarl Erik Mogensen

      Epidemiologycal and clinical aspects

    1. 09:30Obesity: a risk factor for renal diseaseManuel Praga
    2. 10:00The non-proteinuric pathway of GFR decline in diabetesEsteban Porrini
    3. 10:30Glomerular hiperfiltration in renal disease, 30 years of debatePiero Ruggenenti
    4. 11:00NAFLD and microalbuminuria in the Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity StudyAiko De Vries

    12:30Lunch break


    1. 14:00Renal hemodynamic alterations in diabetes and obesity: Brenner’s hypothesis finally tested in clinical settingGerjan Navis
    2. 14:30Renal LipotoxicityRuan Xiong-Zhong
    3. 15:00Insulin resistance and renal damage in diabetes and obesityDrazenka Pongrac-Barlovic
    4. 15:30Inflammation in diabetic nephropathyJuan Navarro

    Coffe break

    17:00-19:00ABSTRACTS SESSION



    November 2, 2014


    1. 09:00LectureRegression of renal lesions in diabetic and non diabetic renal diseasesGiuseppe Remuzzi


    1. 09:45Pathologic classification of diabetic nephropathyIngeborg Bajema
    2. 10:15The kidney of obese patients: histological changesVivette D'Agati
    3. 10:45Lipid deposits in renal tissue in obesity and diabetesEduardo Salido
    4. 11:15The role of glycocalix in renal diseaseTon Rabelink

    Coffe break

      Lessons from animal models

    1. 12:00Animal models of obesity and renal diseaseAna Wagner
    2. 12:30Regression of diabetic kidney disease in animal modelsJosep Cruzado

    13:00Lunch break

      Life style interventions and renal disease

    1. 15:00Calorie restriction in renal diseaseManuela Abbate
    2. 15:30Exercise and GFR changesJosé Antonio López Calbet

      Novel biomarkers

    1. 16:00Markers of renal disease in obesity and diabetesRadovan Hojs
    2. 16:30Imaging of the metabolic syndromeHildo Lamb
    3. 17:00Estimation of GFR in diabetes and obesity: is it reliable?Flavio Gaspari

    17:30Concluding remarksFuture directions in Diabesity and renal diseasePiero Ruggenenti

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