Diabesity in renal transplantation

Hotel Calipoli, Sitges, Barcelona

December 2 and 3, 2016

Joint CME course of the DIABESITY and the DESCARTES working groups of the ERA-EDTA

  • Francoise Carlotti
  • Josep Maria Cruzado
  • Hans de Fijter
  • Mads Hornum
  • Trond Jenssen
  • Umberto Maggiore
  • Julio Pascual
  • Drazenka Pongrac
  • Esteban Porrini
  • Armando Torres
  • Aiko de Vries
  • Martin Wissing

DIABESITY is a working group of the ERA-EDTA created to promote and disseminate knowledge on the relationship between obesity, diabetes and renal disease. DESCARTES is a working group of the ERA-EDTA devoted to the development of education, science and care for renal transplantation. In this CME, DIABESITY and DECARTES join forces to address obesity and diabetes after transplantation two major complications in renal transplanted patients.

Welcome to Sitges, to this CME course of DIABESITY and DESCARTES.

This activity is carried out within the IMBRAIN project (FP7-REGPOT-2012-CT2012-316137-IMBRAIN)
With the collaboration of:
For additional information, please send e-mail to sitges2016@diabesity.ecihucan.es